Business and Commercial Matters

Handling Legal Cases on Business and Commercial Matters

Business and commercial matters involve the broad area of private sector contracts and general litigation. Williams Law Group, P.A. has the ability to negotiate and structure complex business transactions. The attorneys in our firm also advise and counsel private clients on the performance of contractual requirements and obligations. Knowing that these contracts are often the basis for future litigation, the firm engages an approach that gives you a reasonable probability that the desired result is the achieved result.

Business and commercial transactions can result in disputes between the parties over respective rights and interests.

Business and commercial litigation may occur in varying forms. Business partners as well as shareholders can be involved in disputes over ownership and control of the business or corporation. Similarly, businesses can have disputes with suppliers, contractors, and other service providers. When matters result in litigation, Williams Law Group, P.A. is available for representation in all forums.

When Williams Law Group, P.A. is retained for litigation, we approach each case to win. This means that we thoroughly prepare and evaluate the case at each phase of the litigation process including initial client interviews, discovery, motion practice, mediation, trial, and post-trial proceedings. This comprehensive approach to winning has proven to be very successful for our clients. Because the attorneys in our firm thoroughly prepare each case, many of our clients are able to reach a settlement or resolution prior to trial, which results in a better business decision for the client. Throughout the entire litigation process, Williams Law Group, P.A. keeps its clients informed of important strategic decisions.